Sunday, December 1st, 2019! The Lake Erie Building! 2pm to 7pm! FREE!

Cleveland, Ohio’s much loved Small Press and Independent Comic Convention returns to bring together so many prolific practitioners of independent print media! Cartoonists, zinesters, printmakers, authors, illustrators, small press publishers, educators and advocates converge to exhibit their work, converse about their processes and celebrate the independent print community thriving throughout the greater rust-belt region and beyond.

Exhibitor Registration is officially closed!

all exhibitor emails will be sent out no later than august 1st!

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Genghis Con’s greatest strength has always been our wide spectrum of great exhibitors. From seasoned professionals that have been in the game for decades to fierce rookies exhibiting their first show, we curate our roster to bring together the best possible convention we can for everyone.

Genghis Con’s priority is celebrating the independent, DIY ethic with a focus on the art and language of comics and visual storytelling. Returning for a second year to the convention’s offerings is Weird Realms’ DIY Game Room, giving attendees a place to learn about and play independent tabletop RPGs, board games and meet the local game developers working right here in the region.

Genghis Con 2019 is on Sunday, December 1st from 2pm to 7pm at The Lake Erie Building at 13000 Athens in Lakewood, Ohio. The show is FREE, family friendly and open to the public!

Photo by  Breanna Kulkin


Genghis Con aims to be a safer space for all exhibitors and attendees: harassment or actions that are considered hateful or that make any attendee or exhibitor feel unsafe will not be tolerated. Offended parties are encouraged to contact the Genghis Con at genghisconcleveland@gm Any report you want to submit will be strictly confidential. These kinds of reports and taken very seriously and we'll respond on a case-by-case basis - our priority is the comfort and safety of the individuals making the report. We reserve the right to remove any party from our events.