Photo by  Adam Jaenke

Photo by Adam Jaenke


Derf (Shaker Heights, OH)

Jim Rugg (Pittsburgh, PA)

Heather Mahler (Salt Lake City, UT)

Benjamin Dewey (Portland, OR)

Andy MacDonald (Hudson, NY)

Kelsey Cretcher (Cleveland, OH)

John G (Cleveland, OH)

Noelle Richard (Cleveland, OH)

Bree Lundberg (Westlake, OH)

Aaron Lindeman Art (Piqua, OH)

veepdoodles (Mayfield Heights, OH)

Jake Kelly (Cleveland Heights, OH)

Aaron Lange (Cleveland, OH)

Justin Michael Will (Cleveland Heights, OH)

Sarah What (Cleveland, OH)

Vagabond Comics (Cleveland, OH)

1984 Publishing (Lakewood, OH)

Outlandish Press (Cleveland, OH)

Blind Alley Comics (Lansing, MI)

Angela Oster (Cleveland, OH)

Melissa Mary (Cleveland Heights, OH)

David Wilson (Stow, OH)

BELT (Cleveland, OH)

Wes Locher (Wooster, OH)

Jed Collins (Lakewood, OH)


Nix Comics (Columbus, OH)

Terry Eisele (Columbus, OH)

Tentacledoom (Cleveland, OH)

Studio JS (Cleveland, OH)

Scott Kraynak (Cleveland, OH)

Ashley Ribblett (Lakewood, OH)

Emily Kardamis (Cleveland, OH)

Hero Tomorrow Comics (Akron, OH)

Mecha Punch/Ralph Cosentino (Hudson, OH)

D.X. Ferris (Akron, OH)


Matt Horak (Akron, OH)

Kate Atherton (Cleveland, OH)

McKenzie Merriman (Cleveland, OH)

Anna Meyer (Brooklyn, NY)

Julius Barkley (Brooklyn, NY)

Mystery City Comics (Gahanna, OH)

Glorp! Comics (Cleveland, OH)

Lindsey J Bryan (Lakewood, OH)

Moda Vallis (Parma, OH)

DummArt (Cleveland, OH)

Tom Orzechowski (Lakewood, OH)

The Mummy and The Monkey (Lakewood, OH)

Hovering Object (Cleveland, OH)

JT Wilkins (Washington, DC)

Hooha Comics (Cold Spring, KY)

Patrick Sparrow (Toronto, Ontario)

Kevin J. Fagan (Lakewood, OH)


charnerart (Akron, OH)


Wednesday Rising (Cleveland, OH)

Chad Bilyeu (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Hot Cakes Comics (Marysville, OH)

Guice Mann (Willowick, OH)

Daniel Miles (Columbus, OH)

Haberfish (Cleveland, OH)

Dream Baby (Cleveland, OH)

Clare Kolat (Lakewood, OH)

Tim Switalski (Lakewood, OH)

Bruce Worden (Ann Arbor, MI)

Scott Rudge (Cleveland, OH)

80 Proof Comix (Cleveland, OH)


Mike Bocianowski (Erie, PA)

Open Field Studio, LLC (Trenton, MI)

Jacque Beas (Cleveland, OH)

Savage RayGun (Columbus, OH)

Lefthanded Sophie (Columbus, OH)

AJ Poholski (Cleveland, OH)

Cul de Sac Press (Chicago, IL)

Stephanie Haught (Cleveland, OH)

Deni Lance (Cleveland, OH)

Caleb Thusat (Solon, OH)

Bob Corby (Columbus, OH)

Patrick Lay (Tiffin, OH)

Brian Gleine (Bedford, OH)

Tom Lake (Rochester, NY)

Tessa LeBaron (Cleveland, OH)

MIXED BAG (Cleveland, OH)

Walker Illustrations (Lakewood, OH)

The Ludicrous Alien (Cleveland, OH)

Kelci Crawford (Saint Clairsville, OH)

Abby Cali (Cleveland, OH)

IAMNWD (Akron, OH)

Hideout Press (Chicago, IL)

James Mravec (Lakewood, OH)

Dave Landsberger (Chicago, IL)

Sean Dempsey (Chicago, IL)

Sevita Lochan (South Euclid, OH)

Purpled Palm Press (Cleveland Heights, OH)

Morie Clark (Akron, OH)

J.M. Hunter (Pickerington, OH)

Deci Belfry (Cleveland, OH)

Roan Adognravi (Shaker Heights, OH)

Todd Jakubisin (Cleveland, OH)

Cuss World Industries (Akron, OH)

Steve Steiner (Groveport, OH)

Michael Fehskens (Columbus, OH)

MeSseD Comics by Creative Mussel (Cincinnati, OH)

Shane Lewis (Akron, OH)