Derf (Cleveland, OH)
Jim Rugg (Pittsburgh, PA)
Angela Oster (Cleveland, OH)
Czap Books (Providence, RI)
John G (Cleveland, OH)
Jake Kelly (Cleveland, OH)
Jonas Goonface (Pittsburgh, PA)
Veep Illustration (Cleveland, OH)
Katy Rex (Minneapolis, MN)
Eliot Rahal (Minneapolis, MN)
Buttcoffin (Cleveland, OH)
Gary and Laura Dumm (Cleveland, OH)
Tom Orzechowski (Lakewood, OH)
Justin Michael Will (Cleveland Heights, OH)
Vagabond Comic Collective (Cleveland, OH)
Chloë Perkis (Chicago, IL)
Ashley Ribblett (Lakewood, OH)
Eros Livieratos (Orange, NJ)
Maria Sweeney (Orange, NJ)
Erika Lavin (Akron, OH)
Liz Valasco (Carlotta, CA)
Jacque Baes (Cleveland, OH)
Gertrude Exen (Cleveland, OH)
Aaron Lindeman (Piqua, OH)
Alex Ward (Cleveland, OH)
Nathan Ward (Cleveland, OH)
Saramiel AE (Lakewood, OH)
Cartoon Crossroads Columbus
Comics Workbook (Pittsburgh, PA)
Tim Fuller (Cold Spring, KY)
Max Bare (Chicago, IL)
The Saturday Night Slasher (Avon Lake, OH)
1701 Press (Akron, OH)
Scott Kraynak (Cleveland, OH)
Haley Stone (Detroit, MI)
Patrick Lay (Tiffin, OH)
Yo-ICE (Youngstown, OH)


IncognitoArtist (Richmond Heights, OH)
Lindsey Bryan and Chloe Niclas (Cleveland, OH)
Narrier Publishing (Cincinnati, OH)
Apama The Undiscovered Animal (Cleveland, OH)
Amalgamated Hoverchair (Akron, OH)
Kelsey Lynn Cretcher (Cleveland Heights, OH)
1984 Publishing (Cleveland, OH)
Laura Wimbels (Cleveland, OH)
Melissa Mary (Cleveland Heights, OH)
Steve Steiner (Columbus, OH)
Jimmy Riordan (Pittsburgh, PA)
Nix Comics (Columbus, OH)
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Sean McArdle (Canton, OH)
Hovering Object (Bay Village, OH)
Mallow Art (Cleveland, OH)
Sarah Sobole (Los Angeles, CA)
Blind Alley Comics (Lansing, MI)
Bob Corby (Columbus, OH)
Phoebe Thomas (Cleveland, OH)
Amber Esner (Cleveland, OH)
Dirk Drudgler/SKR Comics (Cleveland, OH)
The Electric Team (Cleveland Heights, OH)
MeSseD Comics (Cincinnati, OH)
George McDougall and Damian James
Pink & Nanook Ink (North Ridgeville, OH)
H.O.T. Press Comics (Philadelphia, PA)
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Amanda Bahia (Cleveland, OH)
Michael Fehskens (Columbus, OH)
IAMNWD (Akron, OH)
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Tentacledoom (Cleveland, OH)
CuldeSac Press (Chicago, IL)
BvB (Cleveland, OH)
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Kam Komics (Ann Arbor, MI)

Sevita Lochan (Cleveland, OH)
Noelle Richard (Cleveland, OH)
My Idea of Fun (Cleveland, OH)
Miguel & Michelle Hernandez (Cleveland Heights, OH)
Meg Zimmerman (Lakewood, OH)
Morning Lori Arts (Lakewood, OH)
Markus Knaak & Nick Range (Lakewood, OH)
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David Wilson (Kent, OH))
BELT (Midwest)
Sarah What Illustration (Cleveland, OH)
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Weird Realms (Cleveland, OH)